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Investing in real estate is all about good timing and up to date data. You want to make the right decisions at the right time. With structured data as a basis, we can improve your real estate portfolio more accurately. We are ready for the entire life cycle of your property portfolio: from the moment of acquisition, the management till the sale and completion. We are your partner from the start of your real estate ambitions. Through this sustainable cooperation, we achieve the best possible returns over the life of your portfolio. Our knowledge of the national real estate market is shared with private investors and medium-sized real estate funds. One + One is located in Zwolle. This home base gives us a good base to serve both clients in the centre and in the Northeast Netherlands. You have a clear view of your own property portfolio and the market on which you want to move. Our philosophy is like a simple calculation: you have entrepreneurship and a good sense of investing in real estate. Count on our data-driven approach and online cloud solutions and you know … to the point of departure … what smart investment decisions are there for you.





Start-up +trust

You will become familiar with One+One. After an exploratory period, you are convinced that you can trust us with your real estate ambitions. It is essential to  start immediately. Prepare for our thorough approach! We process everything you say, wish and deliver to numbers and analyses.

We aim for your own online data room. This gives you a complete solution for all your administrative matters immediately, including annual accounts, tax returns and due diligence surveys.

In our view, you must be able to have real-time figures at any time as an investor. Sometimes a purchase or sale is timed so that you can not wait for a new report. With One+One, you can always see your performance dashboard with one simple click. Your decision is founded!

manage +loyalty

You are looking for a partner for your real estate business. One+One would like to connect for the long term. To establish and maintain a profitable real estate portfolio, it is important to understand each other in ambitions and pitfalls. There must be a trust band and respect for each other’s knowledge and talents. Instead of ad hoc collection we have a continuous focus on your administration. We therefore prevent delayed and outdated information. We can provide you with reliable real estate advice if we can manage and structure your data. Based on all data, we analyse and advise you on opportunities and risks.

sell +experience

You have initiated plans to sell your property portfolio. At this point in time you will need all data in relation to the market and your properties, including technical data, tenant information and your service suppliers. During the negotiations, we can support you with all up-to-date data and expertise in relation to legal matters, technical reports, financing structures and return on investement calculations.

During this phase, we supply a complete sales documentation and advise you about an effective approach to sell your property. You will be able to deal with matters in a fast and transparent way.

Completion +effective

You have sold your real estate portfolio. That means that you still have to settle a number of issues. This is a separate process. The remainder of the vehicle (SPV) must be cleaned up. Or it may the case of a liquidation of the vehicle.

For example, in this phase play financial interests of shareholders and creditors. Knowledge of legislation is required. One + One shall ensure you an efficient transfer of the business to the new owner and close carefully with other stakeholders.

Real estate +advisor

Alex Mannens (1961) is as an independent finance professional and real estate expert active in the real estate market for medium-sized funds and private investors. With ample international management and executive experience in the real estate world he is a specialist with One + One for more than ten years in structuring, improving and managing real estate funds. Through online cloud solutions, clients have real-time insight into the performance of their real estate portfolios. This data-driven approach gives clients the confidence at any time to be able to act well and quickly.


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